General: Heat is transferred in 3 ways: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation. In summer, or, in hot climates, majority of heat transferring through building envelop in form of Radiation Heat.

Correct design, including suitable insulation selection improves inner comfort level, reduces energy spending and improves overall quality of users.

PolyX™ Reflective Insulation products were designed to block 97% of incoming radiation heat, using multi pure aluminium foil technology incorporated with low K air cavities.

In commercial and industrial buildings, correct roof and walls insulation design is critical to ensure proper energy saving, comfort and workers’ productivity levels. Regardless the roof itself
Radiation is the main source for heat gain, and therefore must be controlled using suitable radiation proof (PolyX™) insulation. Being mostly exposed (most industrial buildings does not have drop or false ceiling), insulation must be SAFE, DURABLE, AESTHETIC and health friendly. With 4 finish colours to choose from, PolyX™ is an excellent solution for your industrial roof.

As heat build-up throughout the daytime, it needs to depart at evenings/night time via natural convection. Using PolyX™ solves additional common problems with bulk products, known as “Heat Lags”, which affects human comfort, and increase energy consumption.